Voodoo child rescued from an abusive home, reunited with his mother after his father dies, now wants his mother’s blessing to be his life’s work, a rescue coalition has said.

The boy, who is now 10 years old, was rescued from a home where he had been kept for a month after his mother, who was then 25, died, the Ooh Child Rescue Coalition said.

The family were at home when a new mother died in the early hours of December 19, 2018, while the boy was at a friend’s home in Brisbane.

“He was a very good boy.

He had a good heart,” his mother told news.com.au.”

My son’s been a great asset to me, but I’ve had to learn a lot about myself and learn to accept who I am.”

Voodoo child is now looking forward to his mother making him a successful child.

“I have to accept that I will be living a life of my own, with my own beliefs and my own values,” he said.

“That’s what I want to be doing.”

Mr Brown, who lives in Brisbane, said he had had the experience of his mother dying when he was a young child.”[I was] in a foster home and my mother died when I was very young, so I knew what that meant.”

It’s the same for me,” he told News24.”

This will be my opportunity to change who I really am.”‘

I think I’m going to be a vampiric zombie’Voodoo Child rescued from abusive home with father’s blessing, now hoping to become a vamperSource: News24News24