Posted October 06, 2018 20:16:18 Australia’s child support system has been described as the most complex in the world, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t willing to pay the bills.

The child support arrears are so high that it’s impossible to know where to turn for support if you need help.

With all the expenses and legal bills, it’s no wonder that many people don’t know where their next meal is coming from, or how much it’ll cost them.

We spoke to four parents to find out what it’s like to pay child support when their children are young, what they can expect in the future, and how they can support their kids without relying on the state or government.1.

‘It’s been hard to live’ for the parents of children under 12.

The amount of child support you’re legally required to pay in the event of an unpaid arrear is dependent on your income.

If your income is below $26,000, you can expect to pay between $150 and $200.

If you earn more, it could be as much as $300.

The amount of support you get depends on how much you owe in the first place, but the more you owe, the more support you’ll have to pay.2.

It’s not an easy job.

There are several ways to get support.

The most common is to get a court order, which can mean that you have to appear in court and prove you have a valid excuse.

This can take up to a year and you need to pay your own lawyer.

There’s also a program called “Child Support Agency” which helps families and their children pay the arreary.

This means you get an application form, which has a check mark next to it, and a list of documents that you can show to prove you are the child’s father or mother.

The application can take several weeks, depending on how many people apply.3.

‘You can’t do it alone’There are no easy solutions for parents who don’t have the money to support their children.

There’s a good chance that a person can get help from a friend or family member, or through a family support scheme like Child Support Agency.

The only solution is for you to apply to Child Support, which means you need your own money.

You have to show that you need the money and have the ability to pay it, or you’ll end up with arrearies that are a large part of your life.4.

The system is ‘very difficult to navigate’There’s no set formula to calculate how much child support should be, and you’ll need to check with the Family Law Branch of the Department of Family and Community Services (DFSC) to get help.

The arrearing process is different for each state, and there’s no universal formula.

The DFSC can give you guidance on the right amount to pay, but you’ll also need to take the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

There are some options to help you navigate this complicated system, but it’s not a quick fix.

For example, the CAS can set aside a certain amount of arrearry to support your children in their school year.

You need to find a court that will allow this.