The song Destiny’s Children has been a hit for decades and now it is back in the pop charts with a new video.

Destiny’s Daughter is one of the biggest songs of the week, and it was recently certified as a classic.

The song has been performed on the big screen by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and John Legend.

This video features some of the best moments from Destiny’s daughter.

You can find the clip here:Destiny’s Child has become one of Britpop’s biggest hits, and the singer has been working hard to make it back in recent years.

She recently started an online series called “Destiny Daughter” to help raise awareness about abuse survivors.

“Destinity’s Daughter” has also become one the most popular videos on YouTube.

Destiny has been on tour since 2014 and she has sold out shows all over the world.

Destiny recently had a special concert in Las Vegas with the help of the band, Pink Floyd.

Watch the video above to learn more about Destiny’s child.