Police are investigating a child abuse allegation that could have impacted the height of a Brooklyn woman’s bicycle child seat, according to sources.

The investigation into the alleged incident began last month, when a Brooklyn police sergeant, Officer John Tovar, allegedly saw a child with a helmet on in a park, according a police statement.

The child was wearing a helmet and riding a bicycle.

The sergeant then approached the child and told her he believed she was injured, the statement said.

The child later told police she was taken to a hospital and treated for a concussion, according the statement.

Tovar has been placed on administrative leave, and the NYPD is now conducting its own investigation.

The NYPD said it would not comment on the matter, and it could not confirm the investigation into Tovare’s actions.

The department said it has taken disciplinary action against the officer for violating the department’s child safety policy, and said he is no longer an employee of the NYPD.