A year ago, Mumbai Police received a report that a child had gone missing in the city’s North-East.

Two days later, a team of investigators was sent to the area, searching the streets for the missing girl.

But the child’s disappearance did not end there.

A year later, after being found alive and well, a man from Kalyan, Uttar Pradesh, confessed to the crime and confessed to a second child abduction.

His story has never been independently verified.

With the investigation underway, police have begun to investigate the crimes of two more people.

In January, a 17-year-old boy from Pune, Maharashtra, was arrested for kidnapping a 12-year old girl in March.

The boy was taken into custody in the evening after he allegedly threatened to kill her.

The girl was later recovered alive from a nearby forest.

On May 12, police arrested another 17-yr-old for kidnapping an 18-year age girl from Kishangarh in Maharashtra’s eastern state of Maharashtra.

He was taken in for questioning and then released on bail after a court held a special hearing.

On Monday, the police arrested two more accused in connection with the kidnapping of the 16-year child from Juhu, Maharashtra’s western state of Gujarat.

They were taken into police custody after they were allegedly caught trying to flee the country.