By Emma Thompson, MTV NewsThe internet is so big now that its hard to know how much you have in common with your peers.

Thats why, on the bright side, its easier to keep in touch.

That said, youll also be more than likely to miss out on the same things, as this week saw a slew of social media bans across the country.

The bans were triggered by a slew to child porn and child abuse content on the internet, but also over the past few weeks, we have seen bans on certain things that you might not have even noticed were being censored.

Here are just some of the things that went viral and where you might be missing out on:Child porn is bannedChild porn on the web, as seen by FacebookIn the UK, all internet content including child porn is now banned.

However, there are some exceptions to the ban, and a handful of sites have been allowed to remain open.

These include child-friendly news sites, child safety services, and even schools.

The sites are banned for a variety of reasons, from child porn to hate speech, but it seems the most common reason is that it has a link to child abuse.

These are websites like this, which were created for sexual abuse.

They are banned because they link to or provide images of child abuse, as they are part of the UK’s “anti-child porn” strategy.

Theyre currently down, but they will likely reopen on Thursday.

Other sites are being blocked outChild pornography is still being blocked by social mediaIn the US, the US government has blocked all internet sites which show child porn or have child abuse imagery.

These sites are currently being blocked for a number of reasons.

They include those that feature child abuse or exploitation, child abuse images, and theyre linked to child exploitation.

The reason behind the block is because its not safe to share child porn online.

But, there is an alternative to blocking these sites.

You can use a tool called the ContentID service, which allows you to track down websites which have been blocked by the government.

This tool can also help you find other blocked websites, and can even help you block a site entirely.

It is a great way to track and remove websites which are banned, and you can find more information on how to use ContentID on our How ContentID works page.

But its not the only option.

You may be able to track your own online activity through ContentID.

It allows you the ability to upload photos, videos and other media that youve taken or uploaded, and it will then send that information to the authorities, to help with the investigations into the sites.

There are other tools that allow you to monitor your own activities on social media, such as the Content ID tool.

There are also tools to track other kinds of activity on the net, such an IP address.

This information is sent to the hosting company and it can then be used to trace your IP address back to your home.

Youll need a VPN to access the internetThe internet can be scary when its blocked, but its also full of hidden tunnels.

This is because many of the services you use online are blocked, including VPNs.

Youll need one of these to access your favourite sites.

These can be very popular services such as Netflix, but there are also cheaper options, such a BitTorrent or Signal.

There is even an app called Signal.

If you use the app, you will need to install it, and then connect to a VPN service to get the data you want.

Some of the best VPNs are Tor, which you can use anonymously.

It has a lot of hidden features, but at the end of the day, its only about privacy.

If you dont use Tor, you can get a VPN, which can also provide a great VPN service.

You will also need to have a strong password and an encrypted connection.

This will make it harder for law enforcement to access and track your IP.

If this isnt possible, you should use a VPN.

You can also use a proxy, which will help your internet service provider track down and block sites you visit, or which can be used for secure online banking.

You wont need to use a trackerThe most popular way to keep track of your internet activity is to use your mobile device.

It gives you the freedom to browse the internet wherever you go, and to set up and use a secure connection.

However there are a number tracker apps that can help you track your internet usage.

These apps will be able connect to your device and give you an accurate list of what sites youve visited.

This gives you a good idea of the sites youre using, so you can set up alerts for the sites that youre not using, and for the ones that you have visited, and that helps keep you safe.

You wont need a tracker, but youll still need to set it