Children in the US are getting a lot of help from a new Canadian program.

The Canadian Child Care and Education Agency has just started a new program called One Child Nation, designed to give families access to childcare from birth to 18.

The new program will provide up to $100,000 to parents of young children who qualify.

The new program was announced in June, with some parents receiving the cash and others receiving the first $20,000 in child care vouchers.

The cash is not tied to the child’s actual cost of living, but instead to the value of their home, which can range from $1,200 to $2,000.

The agency will match up to 50 percent of eligible parents with caregiving opportunities in their community, with the other 50 percent getting a monthly stipend of $100.

Families can then apply for the program and receive up to a $10,000 subsidy per month.

The program is being rolled out across the country, but it’s the first to go nationwide.

“There are about 4,000 households that we’ve met with and have been able to work through the process,” said Kelly Smith, director of the Child Care Program at the agency.

“And they’re just thrilled.”

The agency is also trying to connect families with more than 50 caregivers across Canada, and some families already have been working through the program.

Smith told Ars that the new program has helped some families who previously would have been struggling.

“This is the first time we’ve been able get that many families on board, and so many families have gone through it, that’s really a huge step forward,” she said.

The idea behind One Child Nations is that families in rural communities need more than just cash to keep their children safe, she added.

“They’re going to have to make some sacrifices,” she explained.

“But we’ve seen this work well, and I think that it’s a really good way to get people in contact with people who can help them.”

The program will also give the agency the chance to connect with local child care providers.

One of the agencies that has helped connect families is the Rural Child Care Network, which has been running in the country for a couple of years now.

One ChildNation will give it a try, too, with $25,000 going toward a new partnership with a child care provider in Toronto.

The agency will give the local providers a $1 million grant to start a pilot program.