Ohio Gov.

John Kasich said he is considering legislation that would let parents file for child support and child support arrears with their credit card.

It’s a proposal that is being considered in response to mounting state budget crises that have led to widespread unemployment and low wages.

“The credit card industry is a very, very, important part of Ohio’s economy,” Kasich said in a news conference on Tuesday.

“And we’ve been having a very tough time right now.

And it’s not just because of our budget situation.

We’re going through a financial crisis, and we’re losing a lot of our workers.”

Kasich, who is seeking a third term in the state’s Senate, said he’s been thinking about the state as a whole and the economy and how it can be a model for other states.

“And so, we’re just really thinking about how do we make sure that we can do that without hurting people,” he said.

The Ohio House approved a bill on Tuesday that would allow parents to file for arrearages on credit cards for child care and support.

The bill was supported by Kasich’s campaign.

The governor’s proposal would allow a parent to file a claim for child and family support, and the credit card would pay for the child care, while the parent is not financially supported by the state.

If the parent fails to pay child support or arreary debts within 30 days of the due date, the credit-card company would file for a court order to garnish the child support from the parent.

The court order would then be enforced by the court system.

If a court approves the garnishment order, the parent would have 60 days to pay the debt.

The state’s Department of Child and Family Services oversees the child-support system, which includes payments for children, their parents, and their guardians.

Under the bill, child support payments would be paid by the credit cards and would not be paid to parents by the government.

Kasich’s bill would allow for payment of child support in installments.

The current method of paying for child-care expenses, which include a parent’s income, is tied to the amount owed on the credit or debit card.

Killing off the child’s credit card could also lead to higher child support costs, according to Kasich’s plan.

The governor said that could result in people paying $30,000 more a year.

Under the governor’s plan, the government would pay off the debt, with a portion of the debt being reimbursed by the parent and the remaining portion going to the state, according the Associated Press.

The state’s current credit card fees would be cut by 10 percent, and it would not collect on child support.

The bill would also require parents to pay up to $1,000 a month in additional child support if the child is over age 18.

The AP’s report said the state could also use child support to pay for medical and dental expenses.

Under Kasich’s proposal, payments would have to be made within 30 calendar days of a child’s due date.

The child could not be placed in foster care until the payment has been made, and he or she would have up to two weeks to file an application.KASICH: If people don’t pay, they’re not paying child support The governor is proposing a plan to cut child support by $100 a month for a child and $500 a month if a parent is receiving unemployment benefits.

The new plan would also apply to non-custodial parents who are not employed.

The plan would not apply to married couples.