A Maryland mother who had been jailed for more than three years on child abuse charges has been sentenced to three to six years in jail and ordered to pay child support to her ex-husband.

Maryland District Court Judge Joseph L. Ziegler said Tuesday that the mother, Mary E. Genshin, should serve no more than two years before she can apply for parole.

The sentence was the same amount of time she was sentenced to for her first court appearance in October after she was arrested in November 2014 and accused of assaulting her three-year-old daughter.

Prosecutors said she battered the girl in a Maryland prison.

Prosecutors said that the child’s father, Mark Genshan, filed for divorce in March.

The case was dismissed in June, but the court has continued to hear new evidence and hears testimony in the case.

The mother was arrested after a police officer saw her driving her car while her daughter was in the backseat.

She told police she was tired and didn’t want to leave her daughter with her ex, according to the criminal complaint against her.

The child was left unattended in the car with the mother for nearly five hours.

Prosecutors say she repeatedly punched and kicked the child, hitting her on the head, back and chest.

Mary Genshen pleaded guilty in September to misdemeanor charges of aggravated child abuse and child endangerment.

She was sentenced in December to six months in jail.

Genshin was released on parole last month after serving nearly two years behind bars, according a court spokeswoman.

She remains in the custody of the Baltimore County Jail.