A Kansas mother was ordered to pay $2,500 in child support to her ex-husband after he claimed she and her three children were emotionally and financially dependent on him for support.

Court records say the mother has a history of emotional and financial abuse and that she told her ex that she was unable to support herself and her children because she did not want to have to live with him.

Karen Johnson, 37, told the court she filed for divorce from her husband, Charles, in 2014 and she and three of her children were living with him for five months after they were born.

She told the judge that Charles had no interest in raising them and had told her that they would not be around the children for the rest of their lives if she did.

When Charles said he could not afford child support and wanted to see his children with his girlfriend, she agreed to move out of the house, court records say.

Charles said she was a “nervous wreck” and that he would be taking care of the children.

Katherine Johnson, who lives in Kansas City, told WKYT-TV she felt guilty and scared when she saw Charles at the door.

She said she had not had contact with Charles since 2014.

She and her ex argued about how to support the children, and Charles claimed they would never have children together if he did not support them financially.

Johnson was also told she would have to pay child support for Charles’ ex-wife and children, the judge said.

The judge ordered Charles to pay Johnson $2.5,000 in child tax and support, which she has until July 6.

Charles said he was going to fight the order, and said he has already spent the money.

He said he wanted to be there for the children and said that he was “very sorry.”

Johnson told WYFF-TV that Charles and his wife divorced in December 2016.

Charles told the station that he never agreed to pay her child support but he does pay child maintenance for his ex-wives.

He told the paper that he and Johnson are currently reconciling and have reconciled their marriage.