The child support calculation calculator can help you estimate how much your child will owe in child support, according to the Child Support Enforcement Center.

The calculator shows how much you can collect from your child support obligation and the amount that will be due.

The most important factors to remember include the following:• You must file your tax return in order to claim child support• The amount of child support you owe is based on the amount of time you are a dependent of the parent• You can request an extension to file a child support claim by calling the Child Maintenance Hotline at 1-800-424-9245.• Child support orders issued by the court can be appealed to a family court judge, but must be granted before the child support order can be enforced.

The appeal process may take several months.• If you are currently in a child custody battle and the child has been placed with someone else, the court must approve an order to make child support payments to both parents• You cannot file for an order that does not include an estimate of the amount you owe, but you may be able to get that estimate from a financial advisor or credit card companyIf you need assistance calculating child support for a child or family, call 1-877-871-7100.

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