Microsoft is rolling out an updated version of the Windows Phone app for children and families to help them get the learning they need, according to a report.

The app, titled Microsoft Kids, is now available for download on Windows Phone, and it provides the ability for children to access an extensive collection of apps, from game and learning apps to content and gaming apps.

The app also includes tools for parents to help kids get the most out of their Windows Phone experience.

In an email to parents, Microsoft said the update “is a major step forward in our commitment to help parents learn how to learn on the go.”

The app is designed to allow children to use Microsoft’s suite of apps on the device.

The company says that the app offers access to a library of hundreds of apps for both parents and children.

Microsoft says the app was developed to help families access content and games that help them develop a better understanding of computer science, which is crucial to a child’s success in life.

The update comes a month after Microsoft announced a number of changes aimed at boosting parental engagement with its app and services.

It said parents can now choose to download Microsoft Kids for their child, and they can access it through the Windows Store, where they can then search for the content and apps their child needs.

Microsoft also said parents who download Microsoft Apps for Kids will get more personalized support.

It added that it is also introducing a new parental app that allows parents to set the settings for the Microsoft Kids app for their children and children to learn from Microsoft Apps on the devices they own.