By the time he’s finished with the video, we’re already wondering what happened to him.

The accident happened on July 14, 2016, while he was riding his bicycle.

“I was riding my bike on a rural road, not in a city,” he said.

“It was just a normal day.”

“A man got out of his car and started making a beeline towards me, driving straight at me,” he explained.

The car’s headlights were on, and as he approached, it swerved and hit him.

It was a hard collision.

“The car swerved into my path and I just went straight into it,” he added.

As soon as the car hit him, he lost control and flipped.

He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery.

His parents are still trying to piece together exactly what happened.

At the time of his accident, he was in the process of finishing his Masters degree in transportation engineering at Ohio State University.

They were able to hire a private investigator and he was able to talk to the driver, and they learned that he was an instructor.

According to his parents, he had been riding his bike for about two months and had only been out of the car for about 15 minutes.

When the accident happened, the accident investigators said he was already in “the zone.”

He had not been speeding.

But when the crash happened, they said that was the driver’s fault.

While the accident was not his fault, it was a big problem for the family.

“(The driver) wasn’t aware of what the laws were and that’s really concerning for me,” said Jordan Williams, Jordan’s father.

“They were not trained.

We were not educated about the law.”

They also found that the vehicle had no seat belts, and the tires were not properly inflated.

Jordan’s mother is also a certified bicycle safety instructor.

She said she believes that the car’s driver was “trying to slow down and make sure he was not going to hit anyone.”

As for the cyclist’s father, he said he’s not sure how he’s going to get his son back.

A few months after the accident, Jordan was able have a conversation with his son on the phone.

One of the questions he asked was about whether he would like to be able to buy a bike again, and he’s hopeful that the lesson he learned will help him to do that.

After his accident he was prescribed a drug called methotrexate, and is now in a rehab facility.

This is what happened next for the father of three children.