Updated May 25, 2018 11:55:19Maryland child services has a new resource book aimed at helping parents get to know their child better.

Maryland Child Services is launching the Child Playbook, which it says will “help parents get more involved in their child’s day to day activities and will help them understand how their child is being treated.”

Maryland’s child services, which is located in the city of Baltimore, said the book is a guide for parents of children in their care and has been created by a team of professionals.

The Child Playbooks are intended to be “educational tools for parents to learn about the resources they have available to them and help them better understand their child and their family’s situation.”

Marylands child services also released a guide titled “The Child’s Playbook,” which is available online.

The book, which has been written by experts in the field, includes links to resources and other information for parents who want to learn more about the children in care.

The guide is written for adults and has more information for those ages 3 through 12.

Marylands Child Services said in a statement that the child playbooks will be released this summer and available to parents by the end of the month.

The agency also said that parents who do not live in the state will be able to purchase copies for use at their homes.