Microsoft has created a new machine learning AI dubbed “baby mind” that can be used to teach robots to be more ethical.

Microsoft announced the new AI on its developer blog today, saying that “in this new generation of AI, the ‘baby’ AI will be smarter than we can ever hope to be.

It will be able to learn better from what we learn and better to understand us.”

This new AI is meant to help robots be more empathetic, more empathic, and more emporer.

It’s not a new idea to make robots smarter, but Microsoft is saying this is the first time that AI will get the kind of advanced human-like qualities it’s already capable of.

“The ‘baby AI’ is also capable of understanding and expressing emotions,” Microsoft wrote.

“As humans, we can understand how the world is and how it could be.

We can understand and express our own emotions, and we can learn to empathize with others.”

The “baby AI” is designed to be a learning aid for robots.

The AI is built on top of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Microsoft says that the AI will “learn to think about the world differently” and will be “better able to understand its own behavior.”

It also promises to be “faster and more accurate” at “detecting patterns in data,” and to be able “to understand how people react to images.”

It will also be able help with the “learning process” of building artificial intelligence, Microsoft said.

The “AI” will have “unique learning capabilities,” and Microsoft says it will be capable of “learning about humans and other machines from their actions and behavior.”

The AI will also “learn the strengths and weaknesses of human and machine relationships, and will learn to learn to understand our emotions.”

The company says it is “making AI a part of every AI system, so it will help humans understand and understand the world, as well as make decisions for ourselves and others.”

Microsoft said that the “AI will be used by AI systems to build more sophisticated AI systems that will be even better at understanding humans and helping us make better decisions for the world.”

Microsoft says that it will start “introducing AI systems in a number of AI systems within the next two years, and this new AI will allow us to accelerate the evolution of AI and its capabilities.”