The question is answered by an international ranking of the best and worst places to raise a child.

For example, the United States is ranked first for its high-quality preschool programs, but ranked 47th for its child care and school system, according to a new ranking by the Council on Foreign Relations.

According to the new report, the U.S. ranks 42nd in education, and the top five countries in which kids attend preschool are Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The United States, with its large and educated population, is ranked at the bottom in terms of child care, according the report.

The ranking is based on data from the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

It’s based on the number of children in the U, the number who have access to preschool, and access to quality education, including free or reduced-price preschool, subsidized day care and day care centers.

The United States ranked third in terms the number and number of preschools per capita, according with data from World Health.

It ranked seventh in terms for access to high-speed Internet, according a new study.

The U.K. and Germany were ranked ninth and tenth in terms, according The Washington Post.

The top five most-expensive countries to raise children according to the data were Germany ($11,500), the United Kingdom ($9,000), Canada ($7,000) and France ($5,000).

Germany is also the second-most expensive country to raise an infant, according this report.

In its report, CFPRI ranked the world’s most and least affordable countries based on access to a good preschool, a good school, a high-school diploma and the availability of subsidized preschool.

The rankings include the United states, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Australia and Denmark.

The top five least-affordable countries are China ($1,400), Japan ($1.7), Iran ($1) and the Philippines ($1).

According to the report, Canada is ranked third-most affordable, with a high percentage of its children attending preschool, while China ranks first, and Japan is ranked second.